For decades, the game of Golf has been the game of choice for mostly the rich and famous personalities. Golf courses are located in countries across the world, yet people are yet to take an active interest in the sport. For many, a game of golf is just a bore and a waste of time. This is a sad fact because this game has definitely got some fantastic benefits which can be of use to everybody, regardless of gender and class. Today, we see a lot of people, even youngsters, looking for the best golf courses located nearby.

If you are looking for an amazing place to try your hand at a game of Golf, visit the website of a lovely country club at The photographs and video that are available on this site will take your breath away! The vast open expanses, all looking lush and green (except of the sandy part, of course) are sure to tempt even those only just remotely interested in the game, to give it a try. conducted a survey recently and found that the viewership of Golf has increased in the recent years. Earlier, only a small percentage of people were engaged in regularly watching the game and getting updated with the latest golfing facts. The story is quite different now.

More and more people are attracted to Golf thanks to the many health benefits a good round of golf is supposed to bring. Some of these advantages have been briefly outlined below.

1. Take in all that fresh air and the warm rays of the sun. Get a healthy dose of natural vitamin D. This vitamin is crucial for those wishing to maintain strong bones, as it helps in the absorption of calcium in the body. And, plants give us an enormous amount of oxygen, so get ready to breathe in pure and unadulterated oxygen that will come when you play a game of golf, in the huge expanse of the lush, green golf course.
2. Go golfing with friends. Catch up on all the latest happenings and gossips. Go golfing with business associates and mix business with pleasure. And, if you are looking for some quality time with your family, go golfing with them.
3. If you are looking for a mild form of exercise, then you will have found it the moment you take up golf! Believe it or not, deceptively mild as it may seem to all those who watch this sport, a good game of golf, can really burn those extra calories, without stressing out your body!
4. Those suffering from insomnia have reported a considerable improvement in the quality of the sleep they get after a game of golf. The game truly does wonders for them, it seems.
5. Better muscle coordination and target-practice can be achieved by playing golf regularly.

It’s quite evident from the above that a round of golf, played at regular intervals, improves focus, stamina, and endurance and keeps the mind fresh and alert.